Das etwas andere Spurensuchen: Unsere Learnings vom Ads Camp 2019

Flyer mit dem Hashtag Adscamp

Ein Beitrag von Jan Weiss.

Die Veränderung und Weiterentwicklung der digitalen Werbung auf Facebook, Instagram, Xing, LinkedIn und Messenger-Diensten war das Leitthema des Ads Camp 2019 in Köln. Jedes Jahr wird es von den Social Marketing Nerds veranstaltet und vereint sowohl nationale als auch internationale Social-Marketing-Experten. Ich und meine Kollegin Alina waren am Montag, dem 13. Mai, vor Ort, um uns in dem bunten Gemisch aus Vorträgen und Diskussionen neues Wissen anzueignen, bestehendes zu prüfen und uns mit Kollegen aus der Branche auszutauschen.

Weiterlesen …

Augen auf!

Ergebnisse von Erics Eye-Tracking-Studie bei der DGPuK. Unser New-Media-Forscher Eric Krausch zeigt in Berlin bei der Konferenz „Werbung im Sozialen Wandel“ wie User Online-Werbung wahrnehmen. Mit dem aufwendigen Eye-Tracking-Verfahren und einer repräsentativen Umfrage hat er ermittelt, wie Ads geschaltet werden müssen, damit sie im wahrsten Sinne in den Köpfen ankommen. Klingt spannend? Dann ab zur Konferenz. Am 30. November um 14 Uhr in der Hochschule der populären Künste in Berlin.


360 degree campaign for Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein launched its new perfume Downtown and CAMAO enshroud the streets, shops and the internet with advertisement for this alluring urban fragrance: video cards for distributors, billboards that lead directly to the next perfume store. Even the cups at Coffee Fellows are branded. The retailer Flaconi and Spotify support Downtown with corporations and competitions. And in Germany’s biggest metropolises the unique fragrance can be experienced in special busses with connection to the next purchaser. Calvin Klein Downtown is everywhere. Take a deep breath and follow the fragrance of the big city.


New umbrella campaign for Mayrhofner Bergbahnen. The Summer comes with CAMAO. More precisely with the new umbrella campaign for Mayerhofner Bergbahnen. It stages the most popular travel season in print and online and with visuals that make you dream about mountains, action and recovery. That’s how mountains should be. And that’s how campaigns should be. To  be continued in Winter.


CAMAO creates an advertorial for Lavazza. The Lavazza app “Creazioni” delivers the most delicious Caffè recipes directly to your smartphone. CAMAO delivers the advertisement for this app directly to the magazine displays in whole Germany. Concept, editorial and creative cooperated hand in hand and created this tasteful advertorial. The ingredients: five mouth watering images, a warm pinch of spring and a big portion Italian lifestyle. Buon appetito!


Campaign for the new fragrance „Just Cavalli“. Smooth, dangerous and alluring. Mick Jagger’s daughter Georgia May plays the sinful snake in the new Cavalli spot and bites her lover passionately. CAMAO designed and implemented the online and offline advertising media for the new fragrance „Just Cavalli“ – the web banners lead directly to the Facebook app „BITE ME“. Thanks to CAMAO’s special sales folder and shop design the visit in the perfumery becomes a sinfull experience.



On the Innovation-Forum in Berlin. The Event is a meeting of high-ranking representatives of the economy, science and technology. There, they discuss which tools the culture and media industries will need tomorrow, in the web 3.0. And Director Max Gutscher gave a lecture on how emotion and function have to be brought together to tell a brand’s story. Incedently, one of CAMAO’s core competences.




The Facebook sweepstake by Davidoff Champion. Olympic Summer Games in London – the perfect time for the Davidoff fragrances Champion and Champion Energy to break some records at the POS: A special “Time for Champions”- Edition is creating a tangible connection to the Facebook game of the same name. For the user, it is a thoroughly positive brand experience, filled with the Champion attributes masculinity, power and fun. For Davidoff it is a great way to raise traffic on the page and sales at the POS.